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Leigh Creek

The Leigh Creek Progress Association Inc. Community Affairs Resourcing and Management Agreement Financial Year 2015-16

The current town of Leigh Creek is the second location of the town that has serviced the operations at the Leigh Creek open cut brown coalfields originally started in 1941.  In its heyday in both its original and present location, Leigh Creek had a population well in excess of 1,000 people but with increased mechanisation in the extraction and railing of the coal to the Port Augusta power station the town population is now about 300. The life of the known coal deposits is limited and Leigh Creek faces an uncertain future.

The town was owned and managed by the Government of South Australia and is leased to Alinta Energy. It is a planned and laid out town with sealed and kerbed roads, services and planted roadside and common-area vegetation.  Water is reticulated and filtered through a reverse osmosis plant from the Aroona Dam in the Ranges to the southwest of the town.

Water is supplied under the terms of the lease agreement to the townships of Copley and Lyndhurst and to the pastoral properties of Leigh Creek Station and Myrtle Springs Station.

As part of the Leigh Creek township transition, the Leigh Creek aerodrome is now operated and managed by the OCA. The aerodrome is well equipped with multiple navigation aids,  24/7 access for emergency and private use and refuelling services (available via self-serve bowswers). Landing fees for the aerodrome are: $15.00 per tonne (minimum $20.00); helicopter $20.00 flagfall. Full details on charge rates can be downloaded here.