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OCA Policies

The members of the Outback Communities Authority are responsible for engaging the community and developing policy on matters not addressed in the legislation. A range of policies have been progressively developed and considered by members in collaboration with communities. In certain circumstances it may be necessary or prudent for the Outback Communities Authority to adopt overarching whole of Government policies.  These policies included below and marked with an asterisk.

The Outback Communities Authority is currently reviewing all of its policies.  The review will confirm the relevance and effectiveness of each policy, at the same time presenting them in a contemporary format.  Some policies will be combined so you may notice a reduction in the total number. 

The review is ongoing.  Reviewed policies will be integrated with the existing policies and will be tagged with the date each was adopted for ease of identification. 

Feedback on revised policies is always welcomed.


Public Consultation Policy [17/11/2016]

Public Consultation - Brochure

Concessions Policy

Debt Management Policy

*Fraud & Corruption Control Policy

Internal Review of OCA Decisions Policy

OCA Conduct of Business Policy [20/9/2017]

OCA Conduct of Business - Procedures [20/9/2017]

Order Making Policy

Policy Development and Approval

Risk Management Policy [13/12/2017]

Community Support & Development

Community Funding Policy [20/7/2017]  and Brochure

Community Funding Procedural Guidelines

Community Contribution Implementation Guidelines

Supporting Community Volunteers Policy

Infrastructure Services

Outback Infrastructure Policy [19/1/2017]


Native Title Statement