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Leigh Creek Transformation


This webpage is the South Australian Government’s dedicated webpage for information on the Leigh Creek Future Town Plan. This webpage will be regularly updated with a range of information. Should there be any further detail you wish to see, your feedback will be valued by emailing


Message from

Hon Dan van Holst Pellekaan MP

Dear Leigh Creek Stakeholder

The state government is committed to Leigh Creek becoming a sustainable and open town and a thriving regional tourist hub, and service centre for surrounding northern Flinders Ranges communities.

I am pleased to provide further information relating to the Future Township Plan which provides the greatest certainty to those who call Leigh Creek home.

As you may be aware, the 2020-21 State Budget provides an additional $30.6 million to transform Leigh Creek from a former government owned and company-controlled town to an open public town, bringing the total budget to $43.6 million over four years.

This process will include:

  • a new town management model with wider representation from the northern Flinders Ranges communities to be explored and determined during the transformation period,
  • the demolition of houses and commercial structures and decommissioning of infrastructure in line with new Town Plan,
  • a process for the sale of residential and commercial properties prioritising current lease holders and residents.  In the event that residents do not or cannot purchase the houses, options for rental stock will be provided,
  • a new purpose-built health and ambulance facility for the region, and
  • upgrade of the critical aerodrome, including resurfacing of runways, new fencing and upgraded navigation system.

It is vital that the town is sized and structured to ensure it can sustain itself and thrive in the short, medium and long term.  Leaving the unused and dilapidated structures to deteriorate further will detract from Leigh Creek making it an uninviting and unwelcoming place to live and visit.

The significant transformation program planned will also provide important economic stimulus for Leigh Creek and surrounding communities while the works are undertaken and beyond.  

More detailed information is provided in a frequently asked questions (FAQ) document that can be accessed on this webpage.

The South Australian Government’s Leigh Creek Task Force in partnership with the Outback Communities Authority (OCA) will deliver the transformation. Additional OCA staff will be based at Leigh Creek to support the community via regular consultation, updates and communication throughout the transformation.

You will have many more opportunities to discuss any issues you may have with me and also with members of the Task Force. I am arranging to be at Leigh Creek to meet with you on 17 December 2020. Several members of the Task Force will be also available to meet with you.

Please be assured that we will continue to provide more information about the transformation process as the new Town Plan is delivered and Leigh Creek re-emerges as a strong and vital town.

Dan van Holst Pellekaan


Information Sessions - Transformation program opportunities

Leigh Creek Township Transformation Industry Briefing
** Please note that due to the South Australian COVID-19 lockdown, the Leigh Creek Township Transformation Industry Briefing has been rescheduled  (subject to the lockdown ending after 7 days) **
Tuesday 3 August 2021 from 12 noon - 2pm
Central Oval Complex, 10 Augusta Terrace, Port Augusta
The Department for Infrastructure and Transport and the Department for Energy and Mining invite you to attend an Industry Briefing. The briefing will provide more information about the Leigh Creek Township Transformation project works and provide you the opportunity to meet with the head contractors that may tender for the work.
Bringing together representatives from the project team and potential tenderers will provide an opportunity for businesses to understand the project specifics, workforce and supply chain opportunities.
Maximising opportunities for locally based businesses and people in the region are a priority for this project, including Aboriginal workforce, apprentices and trainees. Local participation in the transformation works provide important economic stimulus for Leigh Creek and surrounding communities.
This event is open to local businesses and people interested in working on the project from Leigh Creek and the surrounding regions who have the capability and capacity to work with the successful head contractor and associated supply chain in the delivery of this project for the region.
Please note that this is not a community consultation session

We wish to note that if registering as an individual, a White Card is a minimum requirement.

It would be advantageous to have specific building/construction related qualifications, certification and/or training prior to registering.


Contractors interested in registering need to provide information regarding their Contractor license number (OCBA issued) specific licenses, skill/trade qualifications and building construction related certifications. i.e.  White Card,  Asbestos Awareness Certificate etc.

Should you be interested in the opportunities available from the transformation works, please complete the following table and email Rowan Magor from the Office of the Industry Advocate at

First Name

Last Name

Business Name

Skill / Trade

Email Address

Phone Number



Post Code











Registration of Interest for the Leigh Creek Transformation Works

The Government of South Australia is committed to Leigh Creek becoming a sustainable open town, a thriving regional tourist hub and service centre for the surrounding northern Flinders Ranges communities - a future that is influenced by the local and nearby communities including the Adnyamathanha people.
The physical transformation of Leigh Creek, includes a significant demolition program and will be undertaken over an intensive two to three-year timeframe from the commencement of works. The approved Future Township Scenario and 2020 Township Transformation Plan includes the demolition of surplus housing and some commercial and community facilities.
The project allows for an additional demolition program which may be required, for all or part of a list of identified residential, community and government buildings and facilities, should they not be sold or transferred in a market process.
To assist in identifying businesses and people located in the region and surrounding regional area who are interested in working with and supplying to the successful Contractor, the Department for Infrastructure and Transport will:
  • Collect contact details of interested businesses via a Registration of Interest to share with the potential tenderers; and
  • Hold a briefing in Leigh Creek with the successful contractor for people and businesses based in the region and surrounding regional area who wish to work with the successful Contractor. This briefing will be held in late May - early June - further details of the timing and location of the briefing will be provided at a later date.

To register your interest and receive information on this upcoming opportunity, register now at

Click here to read the Leigh Creek Community Briefing Fact Sheet published by the Office of the Industry Advocate.


Information about the transformation progress


Community Meetings

The next Community Meeting is on Thursday 21 October from 5.30pm - 7.30pm in the Leigh Creek Auditorium

The OCA, in discussion with the Leigh Creek Community Progress Association and other nearby communities has scheduled regular community engagement meetings to update progress on the transformation and understand community issues. The OCA aims to ensure that there is a good feedback loop that flows information between the community and Implementation Committee.

Monthly meetings will be held on Thursdays from 5.30pm - 7.30pm in the Leigh Creek Auditorium / Cinema, all welcome.

The Community Meeting Schedule for 2021 can be found here.

Presentations from previous community engagement meetings can be accessed here:


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