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Nomination for Membership

Published 14/8/2017

Nominations are sought for membership of the Outback Communities Authority, a statutory body established to articulate the views, interests and aspirations of outback communities and to coordinate the provision of, and promote improvements in, public services and facilities in outback communities.

The Authority’s jurisdiction covers almost two-thirds of the State not covered by councils and serves about 4,000-4,500 people residing in numerous small communities, service locations and pastoral/farming properties in the outback. Three positions are available for nomination. Nominations are open to people living in the outback and/or who have an interest in supporting and progressing the development of the outback region. Skills and experience in disciplines such as strategic thinking, financial management and regional industry such as mining, transport, water management, waste management, energy provision and a commitment to community service in the outback will be advantageous.

The Authority comprises seven members who are appointed for a term up to three years and will be eligible for re-appointment.

The closing date for nominations is Thursday 31 August 2017. Nominations should be addressed to “Outback Communities Authority Nomination for Membership”, PO Box 2353, Port Augusta SA 5700 or email to  Information on the  activities of the Authority can be found here. Information can also be obtained from Mr Byron Gough, Governance Manager, Office for the Outback Communities Authority – telephone 0427 687 772 or 1800 640 542 (freecall for country callers).