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Outback Futures Project


The Outback Futures Project is a genuine invitation to the Outback Community and regional stakeholders to identify what is wanted and needed for the long term sustainability of the outback as its own unique and autonomous region of South Australia.
The Outback Futures Committee comprises Mr Bill McIntosh AM, Presiding Member of the Outback Communities Authority as Chair, Ms Sue Chase AM, regional business leader with a long history of working in the outback as the CEO of Cowell Electric and Mr Ross Sawers, Presiding Member of the new Arid Lands Landscapes SA Board and former member of the SA Arid Lands NRM Board and Regional Development Australia Far North Board.  Together the Members of the Outback Futures Committee will collect information from the Outback Community and other regional stakeholders that it will use to prepare a comprehensive consultation report representing the breadth of issues concerns and aspirations raised along with any recommendations for change for the consideration of the Outback Communities Authority


This Discussion Paper poses 11 questions that seek to encourage discussion.  We hope that you discuss this with family, friends and your community and respond.  This will help us gain a broad perspective of the issues and options.  We want to hear from everyone who makes the Outback their home and we want you to help design a sustainable future for you to live, work and thrive in.
Over the next two months we will be using all sorts of mechanisms to stimulate the conversation, including community meetings, phone conversations, social media platforms and survey questionnaires, so keep an eye out.

How to respond

For more information on how to respond or other queries relating to the Outback Futures Project please contact:
Outback Communities Authority
PO Box 2353, Port Augusta, SA 5700
1800 640 542 (freecall)
08 8648 5970
Download a hard copy of the questions here
click or scan the QR Code link to enable electronic response to questions: