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Copley Progress Association Inc. Community Affairs Resourcing and Management Agreement Financial Year 2019-20

Copley is situated only 6 kms north of the township of Leigh Creek South and about 560 kilometers north of Adelaide.  The small population of about 200 people are proud of their community.  The OCA recognises two community organisations in Copley, Copley Progress Association and the Aroona Council. The Aroona Council represents the majority Indigenous population of Copley and re-commenced operations in 2005.

The OCA holds a licence issued by the Essential Services Commission South Australia in accordance with the Water Industry Act 2012 which authorises  it to supply water to around 80 properties at Copley.  Water is supplied at  $1.95 for up to 30 kiloliters, $2.15 for 31- 125 kiloliters and $2.55 for over 125 Kiloliters .  A quarterly services charge of $30.00 (GST ex) is also charged.