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Glendambo & Districts Progress Association Inc. Community Affairs Resourcing and Management Agreement Financial Year 2020-21

Glendambo was established as a Government service centre on the re-aligned Stuart Highway 140 km west of Pimba and Woomera in 1981. This was in recognition that the re-aligned Highway had bypassed Kingoonya which used to be the point at which the road to Alice Springs swung north from the east- west railway line. It was also thought that its location just over 600 road km from Adelaide made an ideal journey break on the drive to Alice Springs.

The Progress Association meets every quarter although there have been limited requests for assistance from the Outback Communities Authority for project funding. The Community has a Hall and a Public Toilet which is managed by the OCA. A race meeting is held every year however the popular 4WD Bash and Bachelor and Spinsters Ball event no longer takes place in Glendambo.

There is a large transient population which fluctuates between the busy tourist season and the quiet summer period as the town consists of 2 Roadhouses and a large Hotel/ Motel complex.