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Manna Hill

Manna Hill War Memorial Hall Inc. Community Affairs Resourcing and Management Agreement Financial Year 2020-21

Manna Hill is a small pastoral and travellers service centre on the Barrier Highway and Indian-Pacific railway line about 340 km north-east of Adelaide. Manna Hill has a population of 8 with at least another 20 people living on nearby stations.

The township was originally surveyed in the mid-1880s as a water-supply and maintenance point on the Peterborough to Cockburn railway line completed in 1887. There had been settlement before that time with Manna Hill being on a former stock route from the Barrier Ranges in New South Wales to the then rail head at Terowie. It also supported early gold mining activity at both Manna Hill itself and at Wadnaminga to the south.

The Progress Association meets at least quarterly and has limited fundraising activities due to population decline and drought in recent times.