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Far North and Outback SA Climate Change Adaptation Plan finalised

Regional Development Australia Far North (RDAFN), in conjunction with the Outback Communities Authority (OCA) and South Australian Arid Lands Natural Resource Management, are pleased to announce the completion of the Far North and Outback SA Climate Change Adaptation Plan.

RDAFN Chair, Dr Jen Cleary said “The finalisation of this plan is the result of 18 months’ work by all stakeholders to identify regional and cross-sectoral climate change adaptation priorities. These priorities take into account how the region’s climate may change in the future, and potential impacts of climate change on key sectors."

"The plan also covers areas of decision making that most need to consider as climate change and adaptation options for key sectors. The plan is designed to be used as a guide by stakeholders to assist in informing future planning and as a tool to help strengthen their understanding of the overarching issues, on which they can seek to expand further.”

Following the review of the literature and informed by an extensive stakeholders engagement process, eight key sectors were identified to focus adaptation planning.

“These eight key areas in the plan are: coastal development; essential services; health, safety and wellbeing of the community; mining and extractive industries; pastoralism; aquatic ecosystems; terrestrial ecosystems and transport services and infrastructure.” Dr Cleary added.

Ms Cecilia Woolford, Chairperson of the OCA and Climate Change Adaptation Steering Committee, said that this plan will not only have a direct impact and benefit for the Far North region, but that it is also in line with the South Australian Strategic Priority Target number 62: Climate Change Adaptation.

“Sustainable development means being prepared and this climate change adaption plan is a call to action; we are determined to seize these collaborative opportunities while tackling the risks of climate change,” she said.

Ms Woolford was recently recognised for her climate change leadership, winning the inaugural South Australian Climate Leaders 2016 award in the individual category.

The Far North and Outback SA Climate Change Adaptation Plan is available for download and will be officially launched by the Minister for Climate Change at a later date.

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