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Leigh Creek transition update

We are now over 6 months into the transition of Leigh Creek becoming an open town and significant work is being done behind the scenes as the future of a post-mining Leigh Creek becomes a reality.

The OCA is continuing to deliver all municipal services and the town is being maintained in a business as usual manner.

In the next few months we will continue to make Leigh Creek a more welcoming town through improved traffic management in the town centre, including inviting signage and by becoming an RV Friendly Town. Signage is being updated to ensure that the services and amenity in the town are accurately reflected. We are also working to remove redundant ‘negative’ signage, and are overseeing road upgrade works – it’s great to see the recent resurfacing at the Airport carpark and entrance to Barndioota Road (Airport Road).

In addition to town administration, the OCA is supporting other aspects of the town transition, such as some of the initiatives recommended in Dr Jane Lomax-Smith’s Leigh Creek Futures report.

We are excited to be collaborating with the Leigh Creek Community Progress Association (LCCPA), which has a refreshed membership and is in the process of reconstituting. The LCCPA has a number of projects in the pipeline which will contribute to the revitalisation of Leigh Creek as an open town. Projects include the creation of interesting areas within the town to appeal to tourists, a Northern Flinders focussed website, and the relocation of a historical mine dump truck to the central shopping area in town. Stay tuned for updates!

Leigh Creek has also benefitted from recent media coverage, including a feature story on Channel 7, highlighting the town’s ‘Outback oasis’ status, incredible amenity and new tourism operator, 1834 Hotels.


The full Leigh Creek Township Transition update for August can be downloaded here.


Community members are encouraged to make contact with a member of the OCA team, or relevant Government agency representative, to discuss any specific concerns or questions they may have relating to the township.

Leigh Creek township, municipal services or economic development

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Manager, Leigh Creek Contracts and Services

Outback Communities Authority (OCA)


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Northern Flinders Project Officer

Outback Communities Authority (OCA)

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Peter Thomas

Leigh Creek Transition Manager

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Leigh Creek Leasing and Property Management

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Leigh Creek Health Service

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Director of Nursing, Leigh Creek Health Service

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