Welcome to the Outback Communities Authority

Outback South Australia is big, about 625,000 square kilometres or about 63% of the State. For comparison, this is an area as big as France and 2½ times bigger than the United Kingdom. But it’s home to only about 4,500 people.

Its size makes the idea of traditional ‘local government’ impracticable so the OCA model is a hybrid between local government and community self-management by the 4,500 people who make it their home.

The OCA represents - and advocates for - the interests of these people and their families.

The OCA’s goal is to support the many outback communities who want to take control of their own future. For example, the OCA helps with the provision of water supplies, or invests in ‘municipal’ services like waste collection and town maintenance. We maintain a network of outback UHF radio repeater towers and a constructed network of outback airstrips to provide near all-weather 24 hour emergency access, and a lot of public toilets.

Our board is representative of the outback communities. We think outside the square. That’s why the OCA is prepared to go out and find alternate investment programs and technologies, or sponsor unique and historical outback events.

Our role is to support outback communities to achieve their goals.

In formal terms, the OCA was established by the Outback Communities (Administration and Management) Act 2009 to manage the provision of, and promote improvements in, public services and facilities for outback communities. It also has a responsibility to articulate the views, interests and aspirations of these communities.

The OCA replaced the Outback Areas Community Development Trust, established in 1978, which provided limited services to those parts of South Australia not formally within a local government area.

OCA launches second memorial book, From the Outback they Came, in Farina

The OCA was in Farina recently to launch its second historical record, From the Outback they Came: Stories from the Outback to the Battlefront, with historian John Mannion

The launch was held in conjunction with a ceremony to honour the late Lieutenant John Bell from Farina who died in action on 18 June 1940.

Expression of Interest for Andamooka Town Overseer

The Outback Communities Authority (OCA) is looking to enter into an agreement with a contractor to undertake the services of Town Overseer in the Andamooka Town Office in Andamooka from 31 July 2017 to 28 September 2018.

The services provided by the contractor will ensure that certain aspects relating to the effective management of Andamooka and surrounds is undertaken in a timely and efficient manner.

From the Outback they Came - Stories from the Outback to the Battlefront

The OCA is proud to be launching a coffee table book - 'From the Outback they Came: Stories from the Outback to the Battlefront' - in Farina later this month. The book is an abridged version of the OCA's ANZAC memorial book, 'From the Outback to the Battlefront' which was launched in Blinman last November.

Both books capture the contribution and sacrifice of people who lived and worked in many corners of the South Australian Outback, and how they answered the call from their country in their time of greatest need.

Community input sought on strategic direction for the Outback in 2017-18

The Outback Communities Authority (OCA) has commenced consultation on the following documents and is seeking input from those with an interest in the Outback:

Business Plan and Budget

Community Affairs Resourcing and Management Agreement & Community Contribution Scheme - Andamooka