Welcome to the Outback Communities Authority

Outback South Australia is big, about 625,000 square kilometres or about 63% of the State. For comparison, this is an area as big as France and 2½ times bigger than the United Kingdom. But it’s home to only about 4,500 people.

Its size makes the idea of traditional ‘local government’ impracticable so the OCA model is a hybrid between local government and community self-management by the 4,500 people who make it their home.

The OCA represents - and advocates for - the interests of these people and their families.

The OCA’s goal is to support the many outback communities who want to take control of their own future. For example, the OCA helps with the provision of water supplies, or invests in ‘municipal’ services like waste collection and town maintenance. We maintain a network of outback UHF radio repeater towers and a constructed network of outback airstrips to provide near all-weather 24 hour emergency access, and a lot of public toilets.

Our board is representative of the outback communities. We think outside the square. That’s why the OCA is prepared to go out and find alternate investment programs and technologies, or sponsor unique and historical outback events.

Our role is to support outback communities to achieve their goals.

In formal terms, the OCA was established by the Outback Communities (Administration and Management) Act 2009 to manage the provision of, and promote improvements in, public services and facilities for outback communities. It also has a responsibility to articulate the views, interests and aspirations of these communities.

The OCA replaced the Outback Areas Community Development Trust, established in 1978, which provided limited services to those parts of South Australia not formally within a local government area.

Invitation: Flinders Family Fun Day - Wednesday 25 October

Country Health SA is hosting the first ever Flinders Family Fun Day on Wednesday, 25 October 2017.

The event will be held at the Leigh Creek town oval from 10.00am - 2.30pm in collaboration with many government and non-profit organisations.

Stalls on the day include:

Leigh Creek transition update

We are now over 6 months into the transition of Leigh Creek becoming an open town and significant work is being done behind the scenes as the future of a post-mining Leigh Creek becomes a reality.

The OCA is continuing to deliver all municipal services and the town is being maintained in a business as usual manner.

Nomination for Membership

Published 14/8/2017

Nominations are sought for membership of the Outback Communities Authority, a statutory body established to articulate the views, interests and aspirations of outback communities and to coordinate the provision of, and promote improvements in, public services and facilities in outback communities.

Leigh Creek to welcome international pilot training trial

International students will soon learn to fly in Leigh Creek's clear skies as part of a trial by Parafield Airport-based pilot training school, Flight Training Adelaide (FTA).

Outback Communities Authority (OCA) Chair, Cecilia Woolford, said "the Leigh Creek Airport is a remarkable facility which is admired by all who visit, and we will continue to seize these opportunities, bringing new money into the region and adding to the vibrancy of the community".